High quality supplements are sometimes necessary for maintaining good health.

Here are some issues when choosing supplements


  • There is SO much variation in supplement quality in the marketplace. Knowing which ones to choose can be a daunting task

  • Some supplements are not what they seem. In fact, many herbal supplements on the market do not contain the ingredients listed on the label 

  • Professional brands are now accessible through tons of online megastores.  This makes it easy for you to find a variety of supplements; however, these online outlets are not experts in how to store or ensure the quality of supplements. Storing is also an essential element that may affect your health

  • FULL SCRIPT is our online dispensary used to manage supplements that I recommend to clients.  FULLSCRIPT makes it just as easy to order online and send customized recommendations. I know they store the supplements appropriately.

  • You can access top-quality supplements by registering for Biochron's online dispensary.  From there, you can view some of my favorite products, view my current and previous recommendations and search over 35,000 supplements, personal care items (like natural sunscreens, feminine products,, and much more!

Biochron clients receive a discount on all supplements purchased through this dispensary link.

Training taught me about the quality of supplements and the difference in sourcing, storing, and quality testing

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